The Australian preschool television series “Bluey” has quickly become one of the most popular shows in the history of the ABC Kids on-demand service. In just a short 7-8 minutes, each episode explores imagination and play.

Despite being a show for children, it appeals to adults and parents alike. It’s a surprisingly sweet series that meets kids on their level and helps them remember how to enjoy life by exploring wonder.

It’s not afraid to blunder.

Bluey border isn’t a sugarcoat of family life, which is refreshingly different from most cartoons out there. While a little snobbery or mean-spirited behavior from the main character may be a problem for some kids, it’s never ignored in Bluey, and she takes responsibility for her actions and makes a point to apologize when she’s wrong.

It’s not afraid to subvert gender stereotypes, either. While a lot of shows have girls on the sidelines, this series features both male and female characters, including Bluey’s dad Bandit, who has a remarkably patient, loving, and hilarious relationship with his daughters.

He and his wife Chili, who has a similar relationship with her daughters, are #couplegoals. They love to play, they know how to indulge their girls, and they’re not afraid to fix things that go wrong.

They’re also super supportive of each other and their daughters, even when their personalities clash. That’s a huge contrast to the usual “Bumbling Dad” trope, which can be so grating on traumatized-childhood-millennial souls like me.