museums in Milan

The museums in Milan inhabit and enrich the city’s urban space daily – they’re a look cast towards the past, and a hand stretching out into the future. The best Milan museums aren’t just collections of art, they’re part of the city’s tumultuous history and culture.

Located in the heart of central Milan, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna or GAM for short has a unique setting – a beautiful Neoclassical villa just a stone’s throw from the Natural History Museum, and a few blocks away from the Duomo. With ten different institutions dedicated to a variety of topics ranging from furniture to musical instruments, GAM is definitely worth a visit if you want to get an overview of the Italian art scene in one place.

A Journey Through Time: Milan’s Historical Museums Uncovered

The Pinacoteca di Brera is a must-see for any art lover in town. The gallery is home to one of the most prestigious art collections in Italy, and houses works from the 14th Century all the way up to the 20th Century. The collection focuses mainly on Italian artists with some great names like Modigliani, Kandinsky and Picasso featured throughout the galleries.

Another must-see is the Codex Atlanticus at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci’s studies, observations and notes. The exhibit features thousands of drawings and handwritten notes revealing the genius behind Da Vinci’s world-changing inventions and even includes a digital restoration of his famous Last Supper painting.

For something a little more somber, visit the Memoriale Della Shoah di Milano at the Central Station. This Holocaust memorial is a poignant reminder of the country’s past suffering and serves as a call to action for humanity to fight injustice in any form.