Adding Diamonds to Rolex Value

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Adding Diamonds to Rolex Value

Adding Diamonds to Rolex Value or other gemstones to a watch can drastically impact its second-hand market value. The adornment of gems is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process that only the top luxury jewelers are capable of performing. This is because the gem setters must first break down a base watch and then carefully affix each stone in place using an intricate process. The process is expensive and often damages elements of the watch that were not designed for a diamond setting. This can create cracks in the case, allow moisture to penetrate and ultimately damage the watch. For this reason, it is usually in the best interest of Rolex owners to leave their watches in their original condition.

Luxury Returns: Investing in Bust Down Rolex

Occasionally, Rolex will produce “iced-out” watches, or watches that have been embellished by Rolex’s gem artists with genuine diamonds. These watches are generally limited editions or pieces reserved for celebrities, athletes and business tycoons. However, a Rolex watch that has been iced out by a non-Rolex jeweler will likely depreciate in value.

This is particularly true if the diamonds have been added to a watch that originally left the factory without any diamonds. In this scenario, it would be impossible for a watch owner to tell whether or not the diamonds are factory-set, which could significantly affect its resale value. In addition, the aftermarket jeweler may have damaged other parts of the watch, such as the bezel, dial or case, which can also diminish its value.