Business Coaching – Why You Need One

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Unlike low-touch advisors or industry-specific consultants, business coaches bring the big picture to executive leaders. They can help them to develop strategies, identify pitfalls in employee productivity or management, and provide feedback and accountability for real business results. Read more

A great business coach has a personal connection with their clients. They understand that building a business is a huge undertaking and that it’s a journey, not a quick fix. That’s why a good coach will be there to celebrate with their client as well as support them when things go wrong.

They also have the skills to challenge and inspire their clients. This is achieved through the use of powerful questions that encourage self-inquiry. For example, a coach might ask the client, “Why did you start this business? How do you want it to change your life?” This enables the coachee to establish long term goals that align with their values and vision.

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Business coaches are also able to help leaders to explore their own weaknesses and overcome limiting beliefs. This is achieved by working with them on a variety of resilience-building techniques, including positive psychology and challenging negative assumptions. Ultimately, a good business coach can guide their clients to become their own best advocates and build resilient, sustainable businesses that thrive. They will help them to turn their businesses into the smooth-running, well-oiled machines that they’re dreaming of. They will teach them to tackle new challenges and reach their growth targets, so that they will eventually need a business coach less and less.