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Buy afghan hash online now to get your hands on some real Black Afghan Gold Seal hash. This is the classic stuff that a lot of people remember growing up with, and has a distinct flavour and potency that is hard to beat. The smokable concentrate comes from short, bushy Indica-dominant strains that are grown in the mountains of Afghanistan and then hand pressed using tea or water. This process is labour intensive but the quality of the final product is unmatched in the industry. The hash is elastic in texture and dark to black on the outside with a greenish hue inside. URL

Typically, this hash is used for smoking by itself or placed with flowers in a joint or pipe. It can also be used for dabbing, which requires a special type of water pipe called a dab rig. Dabbing hash is a little too harsh and gritty for the novice smoker so we recommend using it with flowers or rolling a joint instead.

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This hash is incredibly potent and can produce an intense high, similar to that of pure sativa strains but with a more relaxing body sensation. It can also produce a feeling of euphoria and a sense of well-being that is unique to Afghan hash. The effects of the drug can last for a long time because of how fast the cannabinoids are absorbed by the fatty tissues in the brain. This makes charsi extremely popular amongst the Pashto population, and has become an established topic for Pashto folk songs.