Do Not Age NMN Powder

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Do not age nmn powder? The research into NMN’s anti-aging effects is very early and animal studies are promising but it’s still far from being proven science. That being said, if you do choose to take NMN as a supplement then it’s important that you stick to the highest quality products available.

Does NMN improve sperm quality?

NMN is the precursor of a molecule called NAD+ which plays a critical role in cellular metabolism. It’s important for things like energy production and DNA repair. It’s also been shown to increase lifespan in mice. One interesting discovery is that NMN can help to re-establish the epigenome in cells, which is a major cause of aging and a lack of energy.

A good NMN powder will be 98% pure and be free from any contaminants such as magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide which are used to keep machines from getting stuck during the manufacturing process. Look for a product that is made in the USA as these are more likely to be produced in a cGMP certified facility where the ingredients are tested for purity.

Ideally, you want a supplement that can be taken sublingually so that it dissolves under the tongue and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This is often advertised as providing an immediate boost of energy. Another option is a spray that bypasses the liver and is absorbed directly through the lungs. This may provide an even more noticeable energy boost.