Finite Solutions Home Theater

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Whether you want to kick back in your living room and enjoy your favorite movie, or Explore our services for the ultimate home entertainment experience, our team of experts can design the perfect system to meet your budget. We work with top brands including Sonos, JVC, and Screen Research to bring you the best technology at a price you can afford.

A huge music and film fan, the owner of this dedicated cinema games room wanted to upgrade his dated space to an audiovisual setup worthy of its surroundings. He approached Finite Solutions, a UK-based smart home specialist with offices in London, Leeds, and Cheadle, for an extensive redesign and technological upgrade, including the addition of SoundSuede acoustical fabric from Acoustical Solutions.

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The resulting home cinema boasts a 7.2 speaker array, with speakers from the Linn product stable delivering front left and right, center channel, and surround channels. The dual subwoofers are housed in a custom-built box to avoid the need for visible hardware, and to ensure they are positioned for maximum effectiveness.

To keep things simple, the Finite team opted for a single control system to operate all the home cinema and media room components. With a few swipes on the app, the homeowner can lower the screen, select the desired movie, turn on the projector and surround system, dim the lights, and set the room to ‘Movie Mode’. This streamlined setup makes the room much easier to use, which in turn encourages it to be used more frequently.