How to Choose a Pre Rolled Joint

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As more states legalize cannabis, options are expanding for cannabis customers. While a variety of weed products are available, a traditional joint remains a favorite amongst many cannabis connoisseurs.

Should I pre-roll my joints?

Often made from shake, flower or a combination of both, pre-rolls joints are a great way to try cannabis without the hassle of grinding and rolling a joint yourself. These pre-rolled joints come in a range of sizes and strains, giving you the choice to find the perfect joint for your smoking needs.

How to choose a pre rolled joint

A good pre rolled joint will contain the highest quality, freshest marijuana. They should also be packed in an airtight container, so you can keep them fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

The quality of your pre rolled joint will depend on the type of flower and roll wrap you purchase. High-quality flower has a higher trichome and terpene content, which gives the experience and flavor that seasoned smokers love.

When a joint is lit, combustion occurs at the cherry and hot air is drawn through the rest of the plant, vaporizing the THC and terpenes. This process creates a flavorful, aromatic smoke that can help with pain management, stress and insomnia, as well as appetite stimulation.

While they may be more expensive than loose buds sold in similar weights, pre rolled joints are an affordable option for cannabis consumers who want to try different strains. They are also a convenient way to share marijuana with friends, as they require no special tools and can be shared easily.