Living on a Cruise Ship Costs Less Than Living in a Care Home

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We’ve all seen #VanLife posts about how much some people save living on a cruise ship cost out of their vans, but what if you took that lifestyle to the next level and lived on a cruise ship? That’s exactly what some retirees are doing, and they say it costs less than paying for a care home.

How can I pay less for a cruise?

There are a couple of different ways to live on a cruise ship, and the cost will depend on what kind of experience you’re looking for. The cheapest option is to work on a ship, but that’s not really what most of us think of when we imagine living on a cruise ship. This means working six or seven days a week with only rare days off, and it can be pretty stressful too.

The other way is to lease a cabin on a long-term basis. This can be cheaper than buying a cabin, and you’ll also get perks like free room service, specialty dining, and some drinks. You can also reach certain tiers of loyalty programs to get even better perks.

If you go with this route, it’s important to consider all of the extra costs. These can include things like laundry, internet, and a phone line, as well as activities and excursions on the ship. You’ll likely also need to pay for health insurance, which will be significantly more expensive than a standard plan. This is particularly true if you need to see a doctor or dentist regularly, since many cruise ships don’t offer these services on board.