Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

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magic mushrooms dispensary canada

While cannabis advocates worked for decades to raise awareness about their cause before it became legalized, the same is happening with psychedelics, and some say that psilocybin has the potential to be even more life-changing than marijuana. As the fungus gains mainstream acceptance, storefronts with names like Fun Guyz and Shroom City are opening across Canada’s largest cities. But it’s still illegal to grow, sell or possess Magic mushrooms dispensary canada and psilocin, and Health Canada has only approved a handful of clinical trials on the drug’s potential therapeutic uses.

Despite the legal grey area, these shops are doing quite well. But it’s not a sure thing that the government will turn a blind eye to the illicit trade.

Legalizing Healing: The Rise of Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada

In a sign that police will likely continue to crack down on psilocybin stores, Toronto Police raided one in November 2022 and seized dried psilocybin mushrooms worth an estimated $20,000. A city spokesperson tells CTV News that the municipal powers granted to pot retailers do not extend to psilocybin outlets, so the shop will be at risk of a criminal investigation and could face closure.

The company behind the Toronto location, which is part of a national chain called Fun Guyz, says it’s planning to open another in Montreal this week — even though the production, sale and possession of hallucinogens are prohibited by law in Canada. In the meantime, police have raided Fun Guyz locations in Windsor, London and Brantford and seized more than $70,000 worth of mushroom products.