Tennis Court Repairs

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Tennis Court Repairs

Keeping up with your court repairs is the best way to ensure that your hard surface tennis court lasts a long time. It’s important to catch problems like cracks and weeds while they are small so that they can be fixed before they grow.Learn more:

The first step in a typical hard court repair is to remove any dirt, debris or standing water from the courts. Then the contractor fills in any existing cracks and depressions. This is done by using a crack filler that has a low viscosity so it can get into all the little crevices in the cracked areas of your court.

Tennis Court Crack Repair: What You Need to Know

Many courts will also need to have their drain system repaired or replaced to remove any water that gets absorbed into the ground and can damage your court in the future. Lastly the contractor will either hot or cold apply a fresh coat of surfacing material to your court that is designed to improve ball bounce and help with the overall playability of your tennis court. This type of resurfacing typically requires a bit more maintenance than other surfaces but it can add years to the life of your court and is the most cost-effective way to bring your existing hard surface back to a good playing condition.

A yearly inspection of your court will help you determine when it is time for resurfacing or reconstruction. Resurfacing is a much faster and less costly process than reconstruction. Reconstruction is a more extensive but longer-term solution to problem courts. It includes pulverizing your current asphalt surface, stripping and hauling, examining the base materials for suitability, installation of a new all-weather surface, application of an acrylic color surface and lines, center anchors, and fence repairs or replacement.