The Andrew Tate Website

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A British-American former kickboxer turned internet influencer has earned millions of followers, boasts an impressive car collection and shares his lifestyle with a dedicated community online. Emory andrew tate website, 36, rose to prominence in the world of short form video after appearing on British reality TV shows and launching his own brand of fitness products. Tate later diversified into entrepreneurship and influencer marketing, generating substantial wealth and notoriety.

Which is the best course in the world?

However, his opinions on a range of topics have polarized the audience and his latest comments regarding rape victims and depression have brought new waves of criticism. The internet personality was criticized for his views on women during the #MeToo movement, claiming that sexual assault victims must also take responsibility for their own abuse and that women should voluntarily submit to physical violence.

In late 2022, he was banned from every major social media platform and arrested in Romania on charges of human trafficking and rape, marking a stark contrast to the exuberant chaos of his reality TV appearances and his anti-systemic rants on podcasts.

Despite being de-platformed, Tate still managed to find his way back to the digital arena and launched The Real World. The website aims to create an infrastructure that will make him cancel-proof and offers courses on everything from stock market analysis to financial planning to business management. He also has a community of thousands of members and sells digital products on the site. In a promotional video for TRW, he compares himself to Morpheus from Matrix Reloaded and describes how joining the network is like leaving the matrix and becoming your true self.