Ubiquiti Captive Portal

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Ubiquiti captive portal is a web page that requires a user to perform a task before being given broader access to the internet. Common tasks include login to a guest network, agreeing to terms of service, and providing feedback. This allows businesses to collect additional information about their guests, such as sales lead information or demographic data, while also giving them increased control over guest internet bandwidth use by limiting usage.

How do I connect to UniFi network?

When a guest connects to your business’s wireless network, their device attempts to connect to the internet, but is redirected to the ubiquiti captive portal. Once a guest successfully logs in, the browser then loads the web page and the internet is available. The captive portal can be customized to match your business’s branding, and can include a welcome message, an account registration form, terms of use, or a prompt to join via social media.

To create a captive portal on your Ubiquiti UniFi network, log in to your network controller and navigate to the Guest Control settings page. Check the box to enable the captive portal and enter a URL for the external portal server, select a custom portal IP, and configure HTTPS redirection. Then, click the Apply button to save your settings.

If your ubiquiti network is set up to use Colligso’s WiFi marketing campaign, you will need to link your Captive Portal with the campaign in Beambox. This will require a few more steps, such as adding the marketing campaign in Beambox and configuring your guest WiFi to send users to the campaign’s splash page.